Meet the embroiderer of Arte et labore's boiler suit

Jacquelyn Haug originally moved to Vancouver from Nanaimo to become a pastry chef. But then she fell into a different crowd: new friends who buoyed her interest in sewing and introduced her to embroidery.

Arte et labore boiler suit with FAULKNER embroidery

“It was a great intro to a community that I never would have found if I did not move here,” she said.

Today Jacquelyn is five years in on machine embroidery with @elpatchaembroidery. Taking inspiration from local tattoo culture, she has made a range of patches (from ‘shrooms to Snoopy and poutine to Princess Leia), in addition to customized jackets and hats. 

Jacquelyn worked on our vintage boiler suit using a chain-stitch embroidery machine previously owned by Jerry Lee Atwood @hoosierbuilt (of Lil Nas X and Post Malone western suits acclaim). A fellow fan of heritage workwear, she has been known to fashion her own jeans and don old-school overalls from time to time.

Due to chronic back pain, Jacquelyn scaled back her embroidering venture this year as she continues her career in hospitality and considers quilting.

“I’ve really enjoyed everyone I’ve met. It’s been a pretty life-changing experience. It just feels like the right time to move along to something new… it’s not a firm door-close, but I’m not going to pursue it as a business,” she said.

“It was a source of income for a long time, but I was barely supporting myself, which kind of sucked all the fun out of it. It’s tough in Vancouver — we all know that.”